Strength and Conditioning

All classes are run under the supervision of a qualified Physiotherapist.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Feel stronger with Family Physio Strength and Conditioning classes. We focus on technique, movement patterns, self-management strategies, and strength training.

Our small group clinical classes are designed to be specific to you and your goals. This helps to build your resilience and capacity for all your hobbies, work, and day-to-day chores. Feel strong and pain-free every day. 

A guaranteed fully-qualified Physiotherapist will lead and supervise the class. Our team give feedback throughout the class to ensure you are working hard without being at risk of injury. 

Before joining a class, we create a detailed profile of each client. This ensures we can modify the class and exercises according to your unique needs and goals.

The price includes free body balance and injury assessment. Additionally, we offer reduced physio costs for appointments at FamilyPhysio.

Attend an unlimited number of classes each week. The cost is $45 per week.

Focusing on strength and technique.

Classes run Monday to Friday. Attend an unlimited number of classes for only $45 per week.


$45 Per Week. Membership includes:

  • Unlimited classes.
  • Discounted price on all Physiotherapy appointments. $29
  • Guaranteed fully qualified Physiotherapist teaching every class.
  • Detailed profiling is developed for each client. This ensures physiotherapists can modify the class according to your unique needs & goals.