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“Life is good, let us help you live it”

Family Physio Papamoa
are the family specialists.

Our physiotherapists are proud to focus on family physical well being and we won’t stop until you’re back to your best.

At Family Physio we promise to diagnose you as accurately as possible and if we can help you we’ll let you know how, including how long it should take to get you back to 100%.


Treating you and your family

ACC Injuries

Sport Injuries

Headaches, Migraine & Concussion

Neck & Back Pain

Surgical Rehab

Specialised Assessments

Pre/Post Natal

Vertigo Relief

How can Family Physio help you live this life better?

  1. Moving better is exploring the joys of life be it, gardening, playing for the kids, run a marathon or working hard at the gym.
  2. Moving better is breathing better and filling your lungs and arteries with healing oxygen
  3. Moving better releases endorphins which increases recovery, energy levels and makes you feel better
  4. Moving better increases strength and puts you in control of your own movement and ultimately of your daily choices. You control your movement not your pain

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