Pre and Post Surgical Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for pre-surgery and surgery rehab.

What we offer

At FamilyPhysio we see and treat ACL reconstructions, ATFL reconstructions, Total Knee joint replacement, Total Hip joint replacement, Rotator cuff repairs, Hip and knee arthroscopes and Spinal surgeries.

Pre-Surgical Care:

It is vitally important to get your body prepared for surgery to give yourself an optimal chance of a speedy recovery. It is our experience that those who have the best muscle strength around the joint being operated on do the best post-op.

We are happy to give you an exercise plan to work towards building strength for your recovery.

Post-Surgical Rehab & Care:

Post-surgical physiotherapy focuses on pain management and early mobilisation. Early mobilisation during surgery rehab means getting the joint moving as soon as pain allows after the surgery. It is vital that you have some support and guidance during this phase.

Our physios know what levels of pain are acceptable and how hard to push you to get the best results. Give us a call we will help you through your recovery, and get back to living the dream.



ACC Initial appointment – $55

ACC Follow-ups – $49

Private Initial – $120

Private Follow-ups – $98

Supporting you through surgery and Beyond

At FamilyPhysio we are dedicated to getting you moving again. We can help with muscle strength around the joint before surgery, and surgery rehab to guide you in your recovery.