Sports Physiotherapy & Rehab

As keen sports people themselves, the Team at Family Physio all understand the stress of missing out on your passion and exercise fix.

What we offer

Injuries can happen for a number of reasons, but when the injury gets in the way of performing at your best,  you need to get help. The faster you act, the faster we can get you back to 100%. We focus on Sports Physiotherapy rehab and conditioning. We believe that moving well and exercising is the answer to well-being.

At Family Physio we will challenge and strongly encourage you to exercise. Our sports physio and rehab programmes are based on and coupled with mobility and strengthening regimes.



ACC Initial appointment – $55

ACC Follow-ups – $49

Private Initial – $120

Private Follow-ups – $98

Rehab Programmes

We understand how your body should move. Our team prescribe exercise daily. Exercising regularly helps you to get back to your sport, life and doing what you love most.

At Family Physio, we encourage and motivate our clients to exercise. This helps to build mobility, strength and confidence.

If you are currently enrolled in a gym program, we offer one free initial assessment to our local members for ACC-related injuries!

sports physiotherapy and rehab
Dry needling

A form of needling or acupuncture. Ary needling uses one needle and involves moving the needle up and down in the muscle to remove knots in a tight muscle, while looking for a twitch response. Needling is used for a wide variety of conditions including, overuse sports injuries, chronic myofascial pain, facial pain, headaches, and low back pain.


There are a number of different types of strapping.  These are used on both muscles and joints to offload, improve posture and prevent injury.


Cupping therapy or suction cup therapy is a form of treatment in which cups are placed on specific locations of the skin. Therapists do this to create a suction or vacuum inside the cup. This encourages the healing of a broad range of medical ailments. This also loosens the muscles and sedates the nervous system.

Realtime ultrasound

Real-Time Ultrasound enables an image of the deep spinal muscles, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles to be viewed in “real-time”. This determines whether the correct spinal muscles are working as they should for your protection.

Strength and Conditioning Classes

Strength & Conditioning classes focus on technique, movement patterns, self-management strategies, and strength training.These are fantastic for our sports physiotherapy and rehab patients, to build strength and confidence.

All classes are run by a fully qualified Physiotherapist.

Body Balance Assessments

Many of our injuries result from holding a position for too long.  These can lead to body balance inaccuracies. The reason is we are often unaware of these positional imbalances because they are often stemmed and are adopted over time either through adaptation, previous injury or even in child development. The first step to finding these imbalances is a full body assessment with your Physio.