Sports Physio & Specialised Assessment

Running Assessment

Tama is the resident runner who has performed and won on the world stage. As a sports physio He has in-depth knowledge of running technique and what is needed to run efficiently and injury free. This assessment includes video analysis of your running technique, identification of failed loading patterns, a muscle balance assessment, a detailed plan to address key areas of concern and an Action Plan to help you achieve your running goals.

Running Programme and Coaching
Do you have a specific running goal in mind? Tama also is able to work together with you to develop a running programme to help you achieve that goal, be it a half or full marathon or starting in to triathlons. This session includes a detailed session revolving around building a plan together so you can progress your running and build to your event with the knowledge that your loading your legs with the right level of Km’s and with the right variation in your build up. Tama will then keep in touch to see how you are going with your plan.

Cycle Set Up:
Do you feel like your going backwards in the pack? Starting to notice stress in your body when riding that you haven’t felt before? Maybe your bike is ot set up correctly for you. Every body is different and its is important to get the right fit when riding so you are riding efficiently and not wasting power. Tama can pop your bike on the wind trainer and work out the best position for you on your bike. Feel free to call and ask our sports physio Tama any questions about what is involved.
golf sports physio
Golf Fitness Assessment:
Are you looking for the next edge? If you are really serious about golf, then you will need to look at the body swinging the club to see if you can improve that before you get too worried about your swing. The Golf Fitness Assessment looks at the key areas that need strength and flexibility in the golf swing. We measure you against the PGA standard and give you a Golf Fitness Handicap. You are then given a programme to work on to lower your Golf Fitness Handicap at the next testing session in 10-12 weeks time. These are done with James, bookings essential.

Vestibular Assessment

Have you ever gotten up in the morning  and suddenly found the room spinning? Are you avoiding open areas like shopping malls because they make you feel dizzy? These are common complaints of people who suffer with vertigo. We have a specialized assessment session where we determine the cause of your dizziness and can come up with a plan to fix it. These sessions are with Camilla, ask for her specifically. 

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