What is the process?

Because we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to vitality for women, we offer a program that includes just that.

Yes, we do want to A: treat the immediate pain or discomfort but B: also invite our women into our vitality program that will ultimately help them to be more healthy, strong and in love with themselves. Having women actively partake in the sport of their choice or gym routine is our ultimate goal. Actively doing what you love, without pain or discomfort is real health

Why we do it?

Our women, young and old, are essential building blocks to a healthy community. We love our women to bits and FamilyPhysio being a family-owned group we want to see women of all ages prosper and be healthier, stronger more confident, and happy.

FamilyPhysio being a family-owned group want to see women of all ages prosper and be healthy, strong, and happy. Our women go through very specific life events and have very specific needs. We want to be there at every stage of her journey as a partner to her prosperity and health.

What we offer?

A: Treating the immediate pain or discomfort

  • Pre and post-natal services

  • Real time ultrasound

  • Pregnancy pain

  • Pelvic floor assessment and pelvic pain

  • Stress and urge incontinence

  • Overactive bladders

  • Abdominal bladders

  • Pelvic floor prolapse

  • Bone density

  • Menopausal support

The road to ultimate vitality and health
truly starts here

B: Inviting our women into our vitality program

Step 1 – Body balance assessment

We use our real time ultrasound during your 1st appt if needed. We look at your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles ensure they are function exactly as they should. We also do a whole body assessment to map out your movement patterns and highlight any poor postural habits you have. As part of our body balance assessment, we want to ensure you move in such a way that you do not overload areas that you hurt in the past.

Important is that these mentioned areas have healed properly and have been strengthen to a degree that you can function effectively, because many women re-injure themselves or start their exercise routine too quickly and then stop their new gym or sports routine to ultimately fall back.

Then there are the new mums that would love to get back into their sports or gym sessions but have many questions. Am I ready, where do I start? Part of the assessments answer these questions mums.

Step 2 – Design a personal customised exercise program for you to do safely at home or at the gym

Our Physio team will design a customised program based on the outcome of the above assessment. Because they know the body very well and deal with injuries daily, they understand how to move, to load your body and for how long and many times.

The team at FamilyPhysio will design your program to help you get back into it safely and effectively. And especially important, please do not feel ashamed if you feel like your level of fitness is poor or next to nothing, you must start somewhere.

We will ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your exercise program.

Step 3 – Demonstrate the exercises for you.

How do I do it? Because they are tailored exercises, we are glad you asked the question. The team are ready to show you how. We work with Any Time fitness, Golden Sands and can take you there and demonstrate you your new routine.

We will do it inhouse at FamilyPhysio or teach you skills on how to do them at home. We also have Strength and Conditioning classes where you can learn step by step, week by week your exercise regime with a Physio.

Whatever it takes we want to help you and partner with you towards your new goal.

Step 4 – Be your partner in a long and healthy exercise partnership.

We know our bodies are prone to damage especially when we go hard and overload we can injure or reinjure ourselves. We do not want you to stop!

By being there for you as a Physiotherapist we want to be there and make it possible for you to pop in and tell us what happened.

Back to the Physio without costing you too much is our way of helping you get back on the horse quickly and safely.

As part of your vitality program we give you vouchers to:


  • ACC new injury initials is FREE.
  • ACC follow -up first 4 treatments is at our VIP charges.
  • We will readjust your program to help you get back into it ASAP.