Posture Assessment and Injury Prevention

Sore neck? Aching lower back? Tight chest? Feel like your body is constantly breaking down for no reason? A Posture Assessment may be your answer

The reason we are often unaware of these postural imbalances is because they are often stemmed and adopted over time either through adaptation, previous injury or even in child development. The first step to finding these imbalances is a posture assessment with Family Physio.

As our posture slowly changes over time we get changes in our bony alignment and muscle integrity. When these structures are then placed under load, they are more easily susceptible to breaking down and therefore our chance of injury is increased.

Many problems can arise from this such as cartilage and boney degeneration, ligament and muscle tearing as well as fractures.

If you feel a posture assessment might be something you would like to know more about, whether you sit all day in an office, are an elite athlete and anywhere in between, come down to see Pip here at Physiofamily for a PIP Assessment or in other words a postural injury prevention assessment.

posture assessment happy healthy lady

What are some things I would expect to cover with a PIP Assessment?

  • Sitting posture
  • Standing posture
  • Dynamic posture
  • Muscle strength and balance

What kind of treatment do you do?

  • Treatment is based specifically to the person and what we find on assessment. However some examples may include:
    • Correcting posture and bone alignment
    • Looking at certain movement patterns that we do daily, such as a squat, to ensure your form is correct
    • Basic exercise-based rehab to improve muscle strength
    • Soft tissue massage to unload tight muscles and improve mobility
    • Stretching

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