Neck & Back Pain

Do you have pain radiating down your legs or arms? Pins and needles or loss of sensation. These are serious issues which must be addressed immediately. Or is it simply that you were lifting and you put your back “out”. Is sleeping troubling you?

Neck and back pain is very serious. There are sensitive structures around the spine that need to be taken care of. The three main structures that can be injured around the spine are the intervertebral discs, lumbar facet joints or muscles. Each structure will respond well to different treatments so it is imperative that it is accurately diagnosed from the beginning to give you the best chance of a full recovery.

Our physios are all manual therapists (which mean we use our hands to do the work), we massage, manipulate, mobilise and stretch the soft tissues to improve range of motion of the joints and flexabilty of the muscles. We also load the muscles, joints and discs to build strength and resilience.

With the correct diagnosis, effective treatment and a robust exercise plan there is no reason why a full recovery is not possible. Please book online now or call 07 574 2495 to start you journey.

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