Headache & Migraine Treatment

Headaches? Migraines?

We offer Headache and Mirgraine Treatment, these conditions are amazingly complex. At best they can be an annoying dull pain in the neck or head, at worst it can be a debilitating migraine that puts you to bed. They can rob you of your best and side track you from doing what you really enjoy. They can be life changing – at Family Physio we understand this.

It is because of the complex nature that James has studied from a leader in the management of headache and migraine treatment from Australia, Dean Watson. He has learnt that treating the upper 3 levels of the cervical spine and restoring optimal movement at these joints can lessen the sensitivity to the brain-stem (a part of your brain) and decrease the severity and frequency of attacks.

We have had great success with helping headache and migraine sufferers change their life and get off the medications that they have been on for years. There is another choice when it comes to headache and migraine treatment. Try the safe, natural and drug free treatment from James at Family Physio, call 07 574 2495 to make an appointment or Book Now online.

Dad on beach after headache treatment

Helping people with headaches and migraine is my passion. I love making a difference is peoples lives and know how debilitating these issues are. 

James Mooney

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